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Codewave is a high value partner for design/product/technology innovation teams globally.

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300+ fortune 500 companies, startups, and VC firms trust us to deliver.
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Some of Our Flutter works:
Built for high scale, high engagement

Haplomind : Women's mental health community app
Private forum, depression catharsis
Maxlearn : Gamified employee development app
Corporate learning, Gamification
India1 : Digital rural financing app
financial inclusion, neobank, digital payments
Tautmore : Online K12 learning for US market
Adaptive learning, Self paced learning
Niuli : Interior design app for GCC market
Modular kitchens, workflow automation, CRM
Its disco : Celebrity / Brand video based shopping
e-commerce, Fashion retail marketing
Emint : Influencer copy trading app
Stock market / F&O trading, investment advisory
Stockydodo : Fantasy stock trading app
playful learning, Gamification, stock markets

What to expect engaging with Codewave ?

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Our Flutter App Development Process

Speed, Scale & More : Why we recommend businesses to build apps on flutter?

Highly scalable

Extensive widgets, AOT compiling, built-in performance monitoring and reactive programming.

Intl Packages

International packages for cross-country, cross-culture app development.


Rapid development with single code-base for cross-platform flutter app development.


Smooth and responsive app experiences on both iOS and Android.


Highly Customizable ready-to-use widgets including material & cupertino widgets

Code Obfuscating

Build highly secure and robust flutter mobile apps in the cloud.

Our other works

Design-thinking strategy service
Design thinking
& Strategy
Design-thinking strategy service
Data analytics
& Predictions
Design-thinking strategy service
Artificial intelligence
& Machine learning
web-mobile-dev  service
Mobile & Web

Our other works

Design thinking
Design thinking
& Strategy
Data analytics
Data analytics
& Predictions
Artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence
& Machine learningy
mobile web development
Mobile & Web

Frequently asked questions

Is Flutter A Right Choice For Your Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development?
Our Flutter mobile app development ninjas riding on years of experience consult leaders like yourself from app ideation to design, development, deployment, and maintenance. Flutter is undoubtedly the fastest-growing framework for cross-platform mobile application development but that solely doesn’t justify it as a technology of choice. It should fit well within your app development project requirements as well as your enterprise tech architecture to be a great choice.
What Is Flutter?
Flutter SDK or more commonly known as just “Flutter” is an open-source software development toolkit to build UI for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, and web applications from one single codebase. Developed and maintained by Google, Flutter is the fastest-growing mobile app development technology in terms of popularity on GitHub with 105k+ stars. The closest alternative, React-native falls short by 15k with 90k+ stars on GitHub.
Why Are Enterprises Choosing Flutter For Mobile App Development Services?
Some of the ridiculously successful companies are using flutter & dart for its diverse set of features and benefits esp native-performance, cost-efficiency, rapid development, highly customizable UI toolkit, and cross-platform compiling abilities.
Which Companies Are Using Flutter?
The big names using Flutter include Google Ads, Dream11, Baidu, Ebay, Realtor, Square, BMW, Tencent among several others.
Do We Use Agile Methodology For Flutter App Development?
Yes. Whether it is an enterprise e-commerce mobile application development project or API development or SaaS application development for startups, our approach is always agile. Our mobile app developers and all other project stakeholders including managers and operations engineers advocate as well as practice scrum agile methodology for providing flutter mobile app development services. The sprint-led scrum approach enables our consultants to deliver an amazing outsourcing experience to our partners for choosing Codewave for their flutter development services requirement.
Will Codewave Developers Implement DevSecOps For Your Flutter Development Project?
Yes. At codewave, app security, scalability, and robustness are a top priority. We speed up the flutter app development process by minimizing risks and automating testing, integration, and deployment of mobile application development projects. Over the years our flutter developers have become adept with a set of tools and technologies, aforementioned, for enabling faster development and delivery of mobile applications with security embedded into every single sprint. We adhere to industry standard best devops practices for continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) of flutter mobile applications.
Why To Use DevSecOps Approach?
For blending security at all stages of the cross-platform flutter mobile application development cycle. It helps us augment the outsourcing experience for you. Leveraging our flutter app development services and years of experience helps our partners to focus on implementing their business plans and achieve agility rather than being worried about technical glitches and complexities involved with the mobile application development process.
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